Animate Cafe will be opening its latest shop in the city of Nagoya and as the cafe opens, they will be adopting a theme based on one of 2013’s hottest anime, Free!


The food menu includes a pineapple pizza, a chocolate cake served with latte and an Iwatobi-chan pancake.  The pizza and the cake cost 880 yen each while the pancake will cost 680 yen. There will be an additional 500 yen charge if you order them for take out.


The drink menu consists of four items which cost 500 yen each. The Rin Matsuoka is a mixture of strawberry syrup and soda with red jelly and frozen berries, the Nagisa Hazuki is a mix mango syrup and soda and served with with yellow jelly and frozen mango, Rei Ryugasaki is a mixture of acai juice and soda and the Haruka Nanase is Blue Caracao served with jelly and kompeito.


Free complimentary Free! posters, coasters and folders will be given with every purchase of the menu items.


Animate Cafe Nagoya officially opens on February 28, 2014. It will be a 9-minute walk from Nagoya Station and a 3-minute walk from the main branch of Animate Nagoya. The Free! collaboration menu will be served for a limited time from opening day until April 13, 2014.


Animate Cafe has been known to take on themes based on anime and games that are more oriented towards the female gender like UtaPri and Amnesia.

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Source: Animate Cafe official


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