Academy City’s third ranked esper from “A Certain” series has certainly a lot to deal with, from her studies and friends to bad guys and “that certain idiot” (Touma). Now costume manufacturers Cospatio will be releasing Mikoto Misaka’s costume from her Tokiwadai vest and skirt to her signature shorts and arcade game coins as well as her flowery hair pin.


Mikoto’s shorts allow her to kick bad guys, that certain idiot and that certain vending machine without revealing her underwear. The shorts are sold individually for 2,800 yen and comes in M, L and XL sizes. It is scheduled for release early April 2014. However, should you get these shorts, do not try to kick any vending machines because you might get arrested.

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Her flower hairpins which were first introduced in the second season of A Certain Magical Index will also be released early April 2014 and these hair pins come as a set of two and will cost 1,188 yen.

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Cospatio is also be releasing the arcade coins she usually uses as bullets for her signature move, the Railgin. The coins come as a set of three. The coin set will cost 1,080 yen.

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To complete the Mikoto transformation, Tokiwadai Academy’s knitted school vest and summer skirt are also available but are sold separately. Both the skirt comes in S, M, L and XL sizes while the vest comes in at M and L sizes. As for the price, the skirt costs 11,550 yen while the Tokiwadai vest costs 8,610 yen.

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Mikoto’s uniform and accessories can be ordered online via the Cospatio official website. Her hair accessories and her shorts can also be pre-ordered during the Anime Japan 2014 event this March 22, 2014 at the Cospatio booth.

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source: Cospatio


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