Sorry boys, looks like the girls will be the only ones having fun in voice actress Kana Hanazawa‘s upcoming event known as Kana Matsuri (Kana Festival).


It was just recently announced that the voice actress known for voicing OreImo’s Kuroneko, Haganai’s Kobato Hasegawa, IS: Infinite Stratos’s Charlotte Dunois, Black Rock Shooter’s titular character, Angel Beats!’s Kanade Tachibana, The Monogatari Series’ Nadeko Sengoku and Nisekoi’s Kosaki Onedera will be releasing her second album titled 25 (twenty-five).

And to help the CD’s, the voice actress will be spending time exclusively with her female fans. Again, sorry boys.


The Kana Festival girls-only event will take place on March 2, 2014, Sunday, at the Yagii ni Kiku in Daikanyama, Tokyo and she will not only be meeting her female fans but she will also be doing a live performance as well as hosting a live talk show.

Kana Hanazawa’s 2nd album, 25, is scheduled for release February 26. The standard edition will cost 3,990 yen while the limited edition album, which will include a 32-page booklet, a 50-page picture book, and a bonus video recording Blu-ray disc will cost 4,725 yen. Both editions can be reserved online via Amazon.

Standard edition


Limited Edition


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