Remember that now-infamous scene where the witch Charlotte takes a bite out of Mami in the Madoka Magica anime? Well, now you can recreate that scene thanks to these cute little Madoka Magica taiyaki.


Taiyaki are those cute and sweet, fish-shaped Japanese snacks that are usually filled with sweet red bean paste. They have always been featured in various anime and manga like To Love-Ru and is considered J-pop artiste May’n’s favorite food. Cospa Asia is giving these sweet treats a special anime makeover as they will be serving some Madoka Magica Taiyaki which will surely make tour mouth water.

madoka taiyaki a

Cospa Asia is serving up these cute new Madoka Magica Taiyaki inside their store which can be found at the third floor of the Aeon Mall in Makuhari New City which is also the home of Toei Hero World and the newest Gundam Cafe.

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There are six taiyakis to choose from, namely Kyuubey, Madoka, Homura, Mami, Sayaka and Kyouko. These taiyaki are smaller than the ones you usually see in anime, however, Cospa Asia will be serving them as a set of 8 or 18 so you can munch on these bite-size morsels more. Buying eight pieces will cost 400 yen but buying more saves you money as buying 18 will only cost 800 yen.

madoka taiyaki

And yes, while it might be considered bad manners to play with your food, it would be very much possible to take Mami’s head off with one bite.


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