The world is currently experiencing one of the coldest winter seasons of the century and Japan is certainly no exception as it is currently experiencing a harsh snow storm which left the area around the Tokyo completely covered in snow.

The weather however did very little from deterring fans from attending the first day of the latest Love Live! concert know as μ’s NEXT Love Live! Endless Parade at the Saitama Super Arena. The event is a two-day held from February 8-9, 2014 and streamed internationally to theaters in Hong Kong, Taipei, South Korea and Singapore.



One of the fans who braved the harsh winter weather was shirokuma416 who posted this image via his twitter account. It clearly shows that snow storm or not, fans will not be deterred from attending the event.


jin7382 also showed that no weather can stop them from seeing their beloved μ’s.


-3 degrees? No problem! Cold wind blowing in their faces? Not gonna be a problem as posted by Flandre84


Weather used Blizzard! It’s not very effective!

Other fans also posted their cold weather experiences. One of them is fuyuka252


This one is from toshiki0206


From homuriser


From shockn55


This Rin fan is clearly unfazed by the snow storm


FreedomJAIAN shows just how loyal these fans are with his tweet


yamainu_ meanwhile showed off the concert pamphlet


Tokyo, which is near the Saitama area experienced 22cm of Snow during the storm and is considered the heaviest snow fall in 13 years.

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