Valentine’s Day is big in Japan and it is a day where girls give the ones they like as well as their closest friends chocolates. With February 14 already approaching, e-book online store e-book japan has asked its customers who do they want to give chocolates to this Vanlentine’s Day.

Here’s what the ladies had to say:

5) Tony Chopper – One Piece


4) Edward Elric – Full Metal Alchemist


3) Jesus – Saint Onii-san


2) Shouta Kazehaya – Kimi ni Todoki


1) Gintoki Sakata – Gintama


Looks like guys who can make you roll on the floor laughing are really popular as the 4th wall-breaking samurai with a perm takes the top spot in e-book Japan’s poll. He beats out the popular Shouta Kazehaya, from the popular shoujo anime Kimi ni Todoke whose kindness and warm smile can make girls swoon. Well, if it’s Gintoki you are giving chocolates to, make sure they are extra sweet because the guy is known to love anything that is sweet.

 While Valentine’s Day may be geared towards girls in Japan, e-book Japan also asked guys which character do they want to receive chocolates from. After all, it’s the guys who get the chocolates and they usually want to receive one from a certain someone. Here are their top 5:

5) Amir Halgal – Otoyomegatari


4) Lum – Urusei Yatsura


3) Minami Asukara – Touch


2) Nami- One Piece


1)  Kyouko Otonashi -Maison Ikkoku


Looks like legendary manga artist Rumiko Takahashi rules Valentine’s Day when it comes to girls as Kyouko Otonashi takes the #1 spot while the lovable alien invader in a tiger stripe bikini takes the #4 spot. Kyouko is often considered the perfect wife by many anime fans so this may be the reason she has edged out One Piece’s Nami and Minami Asukara from the classic baseball anime Touch.

Do you agree with e-book japan’s findings?

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