Attack on Titan‘s manga author, Hajime Isayama grew up having a plum orchard in his very own home and he is sharing the tastes from his hometown with some Attack on Titan plum wine and plum juice.


These special limited edition Attack on Titan Plum Wines and Attack on Titan Plum Juice use fruits which come from Isayama’s hometown of Ooyama in the Hita district of Ooita prefecture. What makes these drinks even more special is that some of the plums used come from the orchard of Hajime Isayama’s parents. Now ain’t that special?


Isayama himself proudly advertised these plum drinks in his official blog to show some love for his home town. The manga author and artist told his followers that these drinks take him back to his childhood and helped him overcome loneliness. He also said that the one of the wine flavors, the Hibiki Dream Plum Wine (樽仕込高級梅酒 ゆめひびき), which bears the Erwin Smith design,  has won the gold medal at a liquor contest in Chicago, Illinois.


The Plum Wines come as a set of three 500mL bottlesand will cost 6,500 yen at the Hibiki no Sato Online shop. It comes in three different flavors, namely the award-winning Hibiki Dream Plum Wine (Erwin Smith), the Earl Grey Tea Plum Wine (Levi), and the Nakoubai no Kodawari Plum Wine (Zoe Hanji). However, only those over the age of 20 may order and drink these alcoholic drinks.

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The Attack on Titan Plum Juice meanwhile aren’t alcoholic and come as a set of three 180mL bottles. Eren, Mikasa and Armin each have their own bottles and these plum juice set can now be ordered online via the Hibiki no Sato online shop for 2,000 yen.


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