Japan is just simply Kantai Collection-crazy right now as DMM’s extremely popular online browser game has dominated events like Comiket and Wonder Festival. The game is so popular that Good Smile Cafe has decided to finally bring back their Kantai Collection theme and add a couple of new thing to the menu.


The Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer, Shigure finally gets her own Drink Menu item which is a mixture of 7-Up, Blue Hawaii and violet syrup. The drink is then topped off with a cherry. All drink menu items cost 480 yen.


The Wo-Class aircraft carriers have most certainly caused a lot of trouble within the game and Good Smile Cafe is paying tribute to these  dangerous enemy ships with the Wo-Class pasta. It is a classic squid ink pasta served to look like the Wo-class ships. Potato sticks serve as the tentacles while blue jelly serve as the Wo’s intimidating eyes. The dish costs 980 yen.


Kantai Collection’s cute Anthropomorphic battleship girls are also on display throughout the cafe to fully support its KanColle theme. Here’s Big 7 members Mutsu and Nagato.


The 1st Aircraft Carrier Division is also represented with Kaga and Akagi. Just make sure to stay far away from them while eating since these two are known to eat a lot… a whole lot, especially Akagi.


The 5th Aircraft Carrier Division’s Shoukaku and Zuikaku have been placed far away from the two 1st Aircraft Carrier Division members to prevent them from fighting each other, especially against Kaga.


Finally, here’s Tenryuu and Tatsuya. Picture taking with the girls is allowed.


The Kantai Collection theme and menu will only be available until March 30, 2014.

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Source: Kahotan


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