With over 100 million copies already in circulation, Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi’s Ultraman manga is one of manga magazine HEROES’ most popular titles. And with volume 4 about to be released on March 5, Shogakukan has announced that they will be releasing a solid gold Ultraman figure worth 1 million yen.

gold ultraman

The golden Ultraman figure is part of HEROES magazine’s “100 million copies: Let’s Henshin together with Ultraman!” campaign (コミックス100 万部へ!みんなでULTRAMAN に変身!!キャンペーン). This new campaign will begin on February 9, 2014 and an official website has already been opened.


The golden Ultraman figure will be given away via lottery to one very lucky individual. In the campaign’s official website, people can apply to join their mosaic art campaign. Those joining the campaign will have the chance to win the solid gold figure, however, only 7,000 participants are allowed to join and these 7,000 participants can only apply on a first-come-first serve basis. Applications will only be entertained until March 20, 2014.

The campaign site will be utilizing state-of-the-art AR technology which will include a face recognition function for the mosaic campaign. More information will be released on the campaign’s official launch day on February 9, 2014.


The Ultraman manga is drawn by Eiichi Shimizu while its story is written by Tomohiro Shimoguchi. It follows Shinjiro Hayata, the son of the original Ultraman, Shin Hayata. After being saved by his father from an unknown enemy, he joins him to help save the Earth.

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