Barely a week after the figure extravaganza known as Wonder Festival has passed, figure makers teased fans once again by holding a joint exhibition yesterday, February 14, 2014.


Good Smile Company and its sister companies, Phat!, Max Factory, Wing, Gift, Freeing and Penguin Parade along with other hobby companies like Union Creative, Orca Toys, Vertex, PM Office A, Platz, Wave, SOL International, Medicom, Kenelephant (part of Kaiyodo), Hobby Stock, Nijigen Cospa, Algernon Product and Milestone all displayed their upcoming goodies which can leave many figure enthusiasts drooling.

Some items cannot be photographed however so they have been blurred out. This practice is common in many figure shows like WonFes.

Good Smile Company

48 59 60

46  56 58   441 451 531

Max Factory


341 362 391 411

Phat! Company, Gift, Wing, Freeing and Pengiun Parade

251 261 271 281 291 302 313 331

Union Creative, Orca Toys, Vertex and PM Office


64 153  172 203

Platz, Kenelephant, Nijigen Cospa, Hobby Stock and Sol International

76 86 106 116 126 310


145 134


5A 45 54

Algernon Product and Milestone

94 231

Looks like many collectors weren’t given much time to recover from WonFes. To make things worse, Good Smile Company has also posted their WonFes announcements online. Before you click the link however, be warned, wallets will bleed. You can view GSC’s WonFes catalog through this link:

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source: Kahotan


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