Legos have played a huge part in building the childhoods of many individuals and playing with them takes a lot of imagination. They say with enough imagination, you can actually build anything with legos, including one of Kantai Collection‘s most popular anthropomorphic warship girls, Shimakaze and her beloved Rensouhou-chans.


An instruction doujinshi titled “Kantai Collection ppoinanika 250/30/200/30 >> 30min” has just been seen in Akihabara and it features the series’ most well-known Destroyer and her trusty Rensouhou-chan guns in lego form. The doujinshi also contains instructions on how to build this lego warship girl.



Just coming up with these lego builds takes a lot of imagination, precision, patience and plenty of lego know-how. The construction for the lego Rensouhou-chan took five hours while the lego Shimakaze took thirty hours to build.

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The doujin was made by the circle known as Re; EGO which are known for making lego building instruction manuals. It was found at the Akihabara branch of the popular doujin shop, Tora no Ana. Re; EGO’s other works can also be found in Melon Books Akihabara as well as Tora no Ana Akihabara A.


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