Attack on Titan has introduced the monstrous titans which have an insatiable appetite for destruction. Now, Japanese fast food chain Lotteria is aiming to fill up some stomachs with their titanic Tower Cheeseburger.


You have a choice of the 5m class burger, 7m class burger or the gut-busting and belly-aching 10m class burger which compromises a whopping 10 burger patties which can surely fill up them hungry titans. The 10m-class tower cheese burger even has a Colossal Titan sleeve which is fitting for such a colossal burger. It costs 2000 yen.

You can also redeem some prizes by exchanging some vouchers. The Mikasa voucher gets you a 3D Maneuver Gear Key Ring with a Shrimp Burger while the Eren voucher gets you a Titan Blade key ring with a Cheese Burger voucher. This titanic new collaboration begins its attack on March 6, 2014.

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Source: Lotteria


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