Nadeko Sengoku‘s now-infamous meltdown in the Monogatari Series Second Season has shocked many fans of the series who have not yet read NisiOisin‘s original light novels.



With the series collaborating with Namco and popular Japanese snack Umaibo, a new commercial recreates her meltdown with the Nadeko version of the snack’s official mascot, Umaemon (who is also voiced by the real Nadeko’s voice actress, Kana Hanazawa).

Well, unlike the anime where she goes crazy over Koyomi Araragi, this Nadeko seems to have gone over the edge for Umaibo instead. After Umaemon Nadeko’s breakdown, Umaemon Kaiki then enters to explain more about the collaboration.

The collaboration between the popular light novel and anime series, Namco and the classic Japanese snack was announced by the official NisiOisin Anime official twitter account.


The Monogatari Umaibo bars can be won as a prize in one of Namco’s crane games starting today, February 8, 2014.

img_prize01_01 img_prize01_02

The collaboration will also be including these A4 tapestries which will be released on February 15, 2014.


Monogatari Series folders can also be won via the Namco Crane Game with Hitagi, Kanbaru and Mayoi to be released February 8, 2014 while the Nadeko, Shinobu and Tsubasa folders to be released February 15, 2014. Each game costs 500 yen.

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