Kill la Kill‘s head strong heroine, Ryuko Matoi gets her own Medicom Real Action Heroes (RAH) figure and she is wearing her partner, Senketsu in the revealing and often controversial Kamui form.


Measuring in at approximately 270mm, this 1/6 scale figure is fully articulated and is sculpted by Perfect Studio. Senketsu Kamui mode is designed by Mieko Akimoto. This figure also comes with her Katatachi basami scissor blade.

FIGURE-004575_02 FIGURE-004575_06 FIGURE-004575_07

Ordering now will get you the initial production bonus which is Ryuko’s signature scissor blade, Katatachi basami’s buttagiri mode.

FIGURE-004575_09 FIGURE-004575_11

Medicom RAH Ryuko Matoi is scheduled for release late November 2014 and is now available for pre-orders via Amiami for 19,360 yen.

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