The girls of 765 Pro are certainly riding the wave of success brought about by their new hit feature film, The [email protected] Movie. With Japan’s [email protected] fever still ongoing, several new announcements have been made for the franchise.


First, we take a look at the upcoming PlayStation 3’s newest PV which features 13 of 765 Pro’s most popular idols and their latest song, [email protected]

New information has also been released on the game’s limited edition box set known as the 765 Productions Box. It includes the game software, a 765 Pro calendar, a special drama CD, limited edition product codes for their costume sets, a cleaner, a set of 13 poster strips and an [email protected] brochure.


The [email protected] limited edition 765 Productions box will cost 11,880 yen (plus tax) and is scheduled to be released on the same date as the game’s standard edition, which is on May 15, 2014.

The 765 Pro idols also thrilled the sold-out crowd at the Saitama Super Arena yesterday during the first day of the “[email protected]: Masters of the Idol World 2014” concert yesterday, February 22, 2014. The concert was said to be the franchise’s largest-ever concert and will continue later today, February 23.

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The concert series does not only include the voice actresses for the usual thirteen 765 Pro idols but also the ones from Cinderella Girls and Million Live!


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