The star-studded J-Stars Victory VS line-up has already been finalized and Weekly Shounen Jump!’s strongest, brightest and most popular characters are already gearing up to battle one another in what would prove to be one gigantic rumble.

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The official Youtube account of Namco Bandai Games has just released the sixth PV from the highly anticipated Shounen Jump! slugfest and it reveals all 52 characters including the newly announced Ace, Hiei, Killia, Momotarou and Heihachi.

…and just in case you are wondering, that is in fact Nisekoi’s Chitoge hanging out with Fist of the North Star’s Kenshirou and Beelzebub’s Oga and Beel.

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The 7 minute trailer also takes a closer look at the game’s exploration mode where you explore the Jump World through your Memorial Jump ships. You can upgrade your ship as well as purchase customization items for your characters through the use of points you acquire while winning fights.

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The video also shows the way to power up your characters through different combinations by the use of J-Cards.

There is also a Victory Road feature as well as a Free Battle Mode where you can fight just like most of the hot blooded shounen characters featured in the game’s roster.

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J-Stars Victory VS for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita platforms is scheduled for release in Japan on March 19. 2014.

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Source: Namco Bandai Youtube Account


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