It all started when this nice couple was interviewed after Japan was hit with an unusually large snowstorm this past weekend. It was the most snowfall Japan has seen from a single storm since 1994; Tokyo was blanketed in 8.7 inches of snow, while Matsumoto city was absolutely buried under 19+ inches.

Naturally, local news agencies wanted to know how people were reacting to the harsh Winter weather. This man had no problem telling the reporter that he and his girlfriend have their own romantic way of keeping warm when it’s cold outside. (He’s talking about hugging, right?)

Considering that the guy is also sporting a polka-dot pink umbrella and that eye-catching striped scarf, he really seems like a man who has nothing to hide. His girlfriend, on the other hand, definitely does not want to be on TV right now.

Of course, the internet wasted no time in adapting this situation to various anime couplings (warning—unnecessarily long list of images):

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Source: Crunchyroll, Kotaku


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