Hatsune Miku has been Good Smile Racing‘s race queen ever since the 2008 edition of the Super GT and last February 9, 2014 at the team’s pep rally during Wonder Festival at Makuhari Messe Hall, Racing Miku’s 2014 design has finally been revealed.


Kantai Collection illustrator Oguchi illustrated the new Racing Miku while Eureka Seven and Rebuild of Evangelion designer Shigeto Koyama provided the designs.


Meanwhile, a robotic Miku tentatively named Miku Motoroid will also be supporting the team. The Miku Motoroid (name tentative) is designed by one of Japan’s most famous mecha designers, Shoji Kawamori who is responsible for many mecha designs including the Valkyries from the Macross series.

miku motoroid

Both Racing Miku 2014 and the Miku Motoroid (name tentative) will be incorporated to Good Smile Racing’s BMW Z4 GT3.

gsc a gsc b

It has also been announced that the team’s theme song will be Drag The Ground by Vocaloid P Camellia. And of course, no car presentation is complete without race girls.


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