The anime adaptation of Naoshi Komi’s hit manga series Nisekoi is currently one of the hottest anime in Japan right now and with its success, Weekly Shounen Jump! has released the results for the series second character rankings.

Here are the results:


10) Mikage Shinohara

9) Paula McCoy

8) Fuu

7) Raku Ichijou

6) Haru Onodera

5) Seishirou Tsugumi

4) Ruri Miyamoto

3) Chitoge Kirisaki

2) Marika Tachibana

1) Kosaki Onodera

Looks like Marika is really happy with the results as raku’s overly-attached childhood friend takes the #2 spot ahead of main girl Chitoge. She is even bragging about it in the manga.


Retaining the #1 spot is the other main girl Kosaki Onodera. The shy and soft spoken high school girl has won over the hearts of fans ever since the manga made its debut, and with popular voice actress Kana Hanazawa (OreImo’s Kuroneko and IS: Infinite Stratos’s Charlotte Dunois) voicing her, her popularity is skyrocketing.

This will be the second Nisekoi character poll and the first poll since the anime first aired. It has received an overwhelming 24,020 votes and surpassed the first poll’s 17,759 total votes. The new anime may partly be responsible for the rise in the number of respondents.

Kosaki also won the first poll with Chitoge in second and Tsugumi in third. Marika, who placed #4 in the first character poll skyrocketed to #2 in the second while new comers Haru, Paula, Fuu and Mikage have made fans since their introductions.


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