Mario has been teeing off since 1984 with Nintendo‘s Golf arcade game and 30 years later, Mario fans can now enjoy the noble game in real life with the Mario Golf Bag.


Its design truly brings together the world of Mario and the game of golf as it bears a unique Mario motif which includes the fire flower, coins, the 1up mushroom and the super mushroom. It also bears the Mario Golf logo as well as Mario’s signature “M”. You can also store your golf shoes in the back pocket and have your name etched in the golf bag’s name plate.


This unique golf bag is scheduled for release late July 2014 and can now be pre-ordered via the Enjoy Caddie Bag store for 48,500 yen. Reservations will only be until May 2, 2014.

Enjoy Caddie Bag is also selling this Super Mario Golf Mesh Cap for 3,700 yen. You can add special Mario-themed patches to the cap as well for an additional 1,800 yen. They can also be ordered online via the Enjoy Caddie Bag store.

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