The Black Swordsman Kirito is one of the most feared and respected players in the death game known as Sword Art Online and in the upcoming RPG game for the PS Vita, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, you not only get to play Kirito but you can also alter and customize his appearance.


In the anime, the only thing you can change in Sword Art Online is the hair. However, in Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment, not only can you change Kirito’s hair, you can also change his face type, his eyes and even his voice. In other words, you can make Kirito into an entirely different person.


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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment also introduces a new Sword Skill for those who use one-handed swords like Asuna or even Kirito and it is called the Savage Fulcrum. Savage Fulcrum is a quick 3-hit-combo which makes the user form the capital letter A.


Two new CG’s from the upcoming game have also been unveiled and they reveal the heroine Sinon pinning Kirito down as if protecting him from something, while the game-only heroine Strea… prepares to eat a hot meal.

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And speaking of Sinon…


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is scheduled for its Japanese release on April 24, 2014 for the PS Vita. The upcoming game will also be introducing a mysterious new heroine named Filia, an “orange player” who Kirito  bumps into in the Hollow Area.

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