The ever-so-popular Final Fantasy JRPG series would often give you choices on which characters to put your team. Popular party rosters in games like Final Fantasy VII would often contain characters like Cloud or Vincent, but what about the others? Do people also use others like Cid Highwind or Barret?

My Navi Woman has recently conducted a survey asking people which Final Fantasy character  do they often not use. Here’s what the poll found out:

1) Kimahri Ronso (Final Fantasy X)


With the Lancet ability, he can copy moves from other party members, however, he still gets the #1 spot as one of the most unused Final Fantasy characters. One of the survey’s respondents said that because he can copy special abilities, his other skills aren’t quite as well developed, that’s why they don’t use him much.

2) Umaro (Final Fantasy VI)


He is a secret character you can unlock in Final Fantasy VI and basically has the highest HP, strength and defense in the game, however, even with such high stats, this yeti does not get much love. He is a berserker and is quite difficult to handle as he would usually charge enemies on his own, making it hard to employ certain strategies.

3) Quina Quen (Final Fantasy IX)


The frog-eating member of the Qu race, Quina also ain’t getting much love as it is often considered weak and has low stats. According to one of the respondents, Quina is very hard to develop.

Other characters also did not get much love like Rikku from Final Fantasy X and Barret from Final Fantasy VII as they tie for 4th and 5th place. People don’t play Rikka much since she has relatively low stats like Quina which is very understandable.


Barret on the other hand is quite the powerhouse, however, people don’t like playing him very much because according to one respondent, he ain’t very nice to look at. Sure, he may not be good looking like Cloud, but personally, I think he’s great.


The other respondents also stated that they don’t play other characters like Quistis Trepe and Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII, Gau from Final Fantasy VI, Aaron from Final Fantasy X, Caith Sith and Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, though they only got a few votes each.

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