Attack on Titan is arguably one of the most popular series to ever come out of Japan thus far and Banpresto is getting in on the Titan train with their latest Ichiban Kuji lottery.

aot a

There are a total of nine (9) prizes which you can win and like all lottery games, it takes a huge amount of luck to get what you want. Here are the game’s prizes:

A Prize: Levi with 3D Maneuver Gear figure (18cm)

aot aa

B Prize: Eren Yeager figure (18cm)

aot b

C Prize: Mikasa Ackerman figure (18cm)

aot c

D Prize: Hajime Isayama autographed manuscript (duplicate)

aot d

E Prize: 1/100 scale Colossal Titan ruler (60cm)

aot e

F Prize: Attack on Titan long towels (100cm each, four designs to choose from)

aot f

G Prize: Attack on Titan folder set (each comes in a set of two A6 size folders and comes with a clip, four prizes to choose from)

aot g

H Prize: Attack on Titan Figure + DX (3.5-5cm in height, five figures to choose from)

aot h

Last Prize: Mikasa Ackerman with 3D Maneuver Gear figure (18cm)

aot i

Each Attack on Titan Ichiban Kuji lottery game will cost 600 yen and Banpresto will be releasing these prizes starting April 2014. These lotteries can be played in various convenience stores, book stores and hobby shops all over Japan.

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