The name Magikarp has been synonymous with weakness and uselessness ever since the first Pokemon games were released way back in 1998. The fish-type water Pokemon has been the butt of countless internet memes and jokes for it’s extremely useless move, Splash as well as its extremely weak stats.


This Pokemon is so weak that it poses no threat to a human, right? Well, that may not be the case as the Pokemon experts over at VSauce3 tell us.

One word to explain that video: OUCH. If you watch nature documentaries, you would understand how a fish jumping out of the water can seriously injure people. So, who’s weak and useless now?!


The guys over at VSauce3 have also introduced a video on deadly Pokemon like Blastoise and Magcargo. Here it is:

That’s science right there ladies and gentlemen. So, will you laugh at Pokemon now?

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Source: VSauce3


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