Detective Zenigata will do anything and everything just to catch the international criminal known as Lupin III and from the looks of things, his robot version is currently combing Tokyo searching for his wily arch nemesis as part of the Zenigatarobo Project.


The Zenigata Robo truly looks like Detective Zenigata and it has been tasked to search for the slippery Lupin III all over Japan starting with Tokyo. The robot started its hunt earlier today, February 5, 2014 in the Tokyo area. You can track its whereabouts via the Zenigatarobo Project official website as well as watch a live stream of its activities.


Yes, he is that easy to track. No wonder Lupin always eludes him. The robot is also very very loud, Lupin can absolutely hear him coming.

zeni robo

The robot is to commemorate the launch of the new Zenigata Protagonist pachinko game by Heiwa which features the Zenigata Robot. This new campaign aims to promote the new pachinko game as well as to “Arrest Lupin”. The latter objective seems to be easier said than done as the normal human Zenigata has failed time and time again to achieve that feat.

Zenigatarobo will be searching Tokyo from February 3-9, 2014 before moving its search to Nagoya from February 13-18, 2014. It will then head over to Osaka from February 22-28, 2014 before heading back to Tokyo for it’s final Lupin hunt from March 3-9, 2014.

Well, it even has a schedule to keep. Lupin might even be out of Japan by then. Nice work detective.

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