Yet another set of DLC’s have been announced for Namco Bandai’s Mobile Suit rumble known as Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS: Full Boost and they are the Gaia Gundam Andrew Waltfeld Custom, Zeta Gundam Zaku head and the Silver Sumo.

Each of these new DLC’s are exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and are scheduled for release on March 19, 2014 and will cost 400 yen each via the PlayStation Store.

The Gaia Gundam Waltfeld Custom was featured in Gundam SEED Destiny and its pilot is none other than the infamous Desert Tiger himself. It is basically a Gaia Gundam painted in Waltfeld’s custom orange colors. It has a cost of 2,000 and has balanced ranged and melee combat abilities. It can also transform to make itself more maneuverable.

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The Zeta Gundam Zaku Head was featured in the third Gundam series, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and entertained a lot of people as it was featured in one of the series’ funniest scenes. In close, it can use its beam saber while the mega launcher can give it ranged superiority. Piloted by Iino Abbav, this comedic mobile suit is basically the Zeta Gundam with a Zaku II head, and though it merely provided comic relief in the anime, it is still a force to be reckoned with in the game. It has a cost of 1,000.



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Finally, we have the Silver Sumo which was featured in Turn A Gundam. This all-purpose mobile suit is a threat on both melee and ranged combat and it has a cost of 2,000 to operate. Piloted by Poe Aijee, this mass-produced, high performance silver mobile suit is one of Dianna Counter’s best weapons and is armed with its deadly heat fan for melee combat and hand beam gun for ranged combat.

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These three are the latest DLC’s for the PlayStation 3 game following the Gundam Ground Type, Acguy and the Zeta Gundam Roux custom as well as the Gundam Mk-II (Titans Colors), Impulse Gundam and “The Immortal” Patrick Colasour’s GN’X III.

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