Anime tourism is becoming a big thing not only in Japan but also the world with places like Toyosato (K-On!) and Iwami (Free!) being frequented by anime fans from all over the world. Now, a new anime website completely dedicated to these “Anime Holy Sites” has finally opened.

appa allows you to search for various anime pilgrimage spots and tell you which series they are from as well. The site also uses Google Street View to look at these sites and tell you where they are comprehensively. The site also has a search engine where you can input the place you want to visit. For example, you can enter in Oarai (大洗) which was featured in the hit anime series Girls und Panzer. The search then gives you various areas which were not only featured in Girls und Panzer, but also Kantai Collection. Places like Oarai Marine Tower and Oarai Beach will come out in the search.


The search shows you the name of the place, the anime it appears on and the complete address. Over 30,000 “Holy Sites” are listed and they contain places featured in anime from the 1960’s to 2014.

The website also has a set of rules to follow if ever you visit these sites like do not vandalize anything and being friendly with the locals.


The website however is only available in Japanese but you can use translating services like Google Translate to find the areas you want to go.

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