Attack on Titan‘s infamous “Heichou”, Levi, is known for many things including his infamous (and fabulous) Levi kick, extreme cleaning skills and of course, being humanity’s strongest soldier in the fight against the dreaded titans. In battle, the guy has earned a blood-spattered reputation of being the best there is.



Animate however has different plans for Good’ol Levi and will be bringing out his cuter side because they are planning to turn him into something completely different from his usual self – a teddy bear.


These Levi teddy bears are part of Animate’s Kumamate line which turns many anime characters into cute wittle teddies. There will be three different assortments to be released and they are the Survey Corps uniform with cloak, Survey Corps uniform and of course, the infamous Cleaning Levi. Each bear will be sold separately in Animate stores all over Japan by the end of April 2014 for 1,200 yen each.

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Source: Animate


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