Anime Japan is one of the biggest anime-related events in the world and is on the same level as Comiket and Wonder Festival in terms of popularity. Earlier today, the event finally kicked off at the Tokyo Big Sight and sure enough, there were a lot of people. Over 100,000 are predicted to turn out during the two-day event held from March 22-23, 2014.


Of course, there were cosplayers who were in high spirits as they attended the event with much excitement.

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Sports anime Yowamushi Pedal and Haikyu!! were on display over at the Toho Animation booth along with Wake Up Girls and Engaged to the Unidentified. And of course, let us not forget Detective Conan, Psycho-pass 2 and many many more.

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NBC Universal meanwhile showcased upcoming anime like Black Bullet and Is the Order a Rabbit (GochiUsa). Tokyo Ravens and Nagi no Asukara were also showcased.

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Over at the A-1 Pictures booth, original sketches were on display along with popular anime series Space Brothers and Silver Spoon. They also had a message board and a creator’s wall.

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The Warner Brothers Booth meanwhile was highlighted with Rurouni Kenshin, Little Busters! and Strike the Blood. There was walso a life-size Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure statue of Jotarou Kujo

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The Aniplex booth meanwhile made a very big announcement regarding Hanamonogatari which is part of the popular Monogatari series by NisiOisin. The anime will be broadcast for five consecutive weeks starting May 2014.


Aniplex also showed off their best characters in formal attire. Can you name them all?


Madoka Magica also grabbed some heads as a very special artwork featuring Ultimate Madoka and Devil Homura were seen in the wilds of Anime Japan 2014 along with a Devil Homura figure.

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