The 3D Maneuver Gear may be one of humanity’s most valuable equipment in fighting the titans. Now, a new collaboration between Attack on Titan, 2PMWORKS and Masterpiece Product is turning the Titan-hunting equipment into a bag.


The bag may not be able to hold blades or propel you on top of buildings just like the real thing, but it is made to look like it. It even has a reel-type key ring to simulate the cables used in the 3D Maneuver Gear.

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Made of high quality CORDURA brand Fabric, these bags measure in at approximately 40cm and they make great outdoor bags for hunting titans.

Scheduled for release from early June to late May 2014, these bags cost 23,100 yen and can be pre-ordered via the official 2PMWORKS website.

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If you have two of these bags plus a Survey Corps jacket and boots, plus a couple of blades, you may very well be equipped enough to hunt some titans.

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