March 9 (3/9 or 39) will forever be etched in the calendars of Hatsune Miku fans as Miku day. This is the day where Miku held her very first solo live concert last 2010 titled Miku no Hi Kanshasai 39’s Giving Day. Fans all over the world tweeted their celebrations which truly speak of Miku’s global appeal.

Let’s start with Japan where Cafe_meshi_take tweeted this cute Hatsune Miku cake


George_10g meanwhile posted this image of a Miku Cappuccino 


fans also tweeted their own Miku fan arts, like chikuwaemil who tweeted this image.


This image from  _Axap_4 truly gets into the 39 spirit


kucarail  meanwhile celebrated Miku Day with this cute vocaloid artwork with the Kagamine twins, Kaito and Meiko


Fans also posted images of themselves or others cosplaying as the angelic virtual diva. Here’s Thai cosplayer Yuegene cosplaying as Miku.


Here’s Japanese cosplayer Rinamini  cosplaying as Miku to show some Miku Day support


And here’s twitter user sandaime celebrating Miku Day with a leek


Of course, since it’s Miku, there will always be some Nendoroid loving on Miku Day as yumemiya_0330 shows.


And then there are fans showing some Miku Dayo love like secret_222


Japanese sports newspaper, Sports Yomiuri also announced on Miku Day that they will be releasing a special Hatsune Miku issue of their newspaper. It will contain 32 full-color pages featuring Miku and her Vocaloid friends and it will hit Japanese newstands on April 9, 2014 and will cost 350 yen.


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