A new fighter enters the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate roster and she will most certainly cost a whole lot of trouble for the series’ various fighters as she joins in on the battle. Enter Phase 4.


Phase 4 is a Kasumi clone created by the M.I.S.T. organization as a “Human Stealth Weapon”. She uses her cloak to perform many hidden attacks while also having a fighting style which is quite similar to the original Kasumi.

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She can only be playable for arcades at the moment. More details on the assassin-like Kasumi clone known as Phase 4 will be revealed in the future.

Speaking of new DOA5U characters, the petite Swedish fighter known as Marie Rose will finally be heading to home consoles this March 2014. She will be available along with the 1.05 patch for PlayStation 3 users starting March 25, 2014 and for Xbox 360 users starting the next day, March 26, 2014. Wanna know the best part? She will come as a FREE dlc!

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New costumes have also been revealed for Marie Rose and they include P.E. uniforms with bloomers, a maid outfit a cheerleader costume and more.

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Source:  Famitsu via Event Hubs


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