Kill la Kill‘s deadly Kamui (or Godrobe) known as Senketsu has become one of the series’ most beloved characters so it’s no surprise that he has gained a whole lot of fans from all over the globe.


Now, one of these fans have personally made a life-size version of the ever-so-lovable Kamui and he posted it via his twitter account.  User Ma_o_ji has recently gained a lot of internet attention lately because of his Senketsu pictures.

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He also posted his WIPs (Work in Progress) for making Senketsu. Looks like Nue Harime may be having some competition in making a Kamui.

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Senketsu on the other hand seems to be having a lot of fun in the pictures by Ma_o_ji. Here he is relaxing by getting an “ironing massage” which relaxes his threads and takes his stress away. Aaaaaaaahhhhh, ain’t it the life, huh, Senketsu? Well, he surely looks happy.


Senketsu even watched the latest episode of Kill la Kill. He seems to be really enjoying it as he is seen cheering for himself and Mako. Go Senketsu!


And after a long hard day of fighting, Senketsu even gets his own bed to sleep in. He sure looks nice and cozy in there.


Senketsu even goes for a drive. Just a question, how will he reach the accelerator and the brakes?


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Sources: ma_o_ji twitter account via Yaraon!


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