Zangief, that manly Russian fighter is known for his grapples and many other hard hitting moves. Now, imagine Street Fighter‘s Russian grappler who is full of rock-hard muscles completely made out of wool.


This wooly Zangief was made by Kosuke Ueda who posted the images via his twitter account, @Ueroda. He has even put some very intricate details like veins in his Zangief. Even the muscles look like they are hard.

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Zangief ain’t the only piece of wool art he has made. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Sailor Moon.


He even does a bit of Touhou


He has also created this cute little Black Mage from the Final Fantasy IX


He’s even crossed over to Mobile Suits as he has also made this Kapool from Turn A Gundam out of wool.

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He has also made several wooly Monster Hunter pieces as well.

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He also seems to be a Dragon Quest fan as he also shows off his wool Dragon Quest slimes.

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Looks like all this wool ALex Loius Armstrong needs is a lower body and some sparkling effects.


His other wool creations include Card Captor Sakura’s titular character in a school swimsuit, Walt Disney’s Tinkerbell, Totoro, Ookami and Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3’s Amaterasu and Megaman.

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Source: Ueroda twitter account


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