Today, March 15, 2014, marks the second day of the C3 Japan Expo 2014 or C3 in Hong Kong event which features cosplay, toy and PlaMo exhibitions as well as programs featuring some of Japan’s idols and voice actors. Last time, we took a look at the pre-event preparations which took place before the first day, now, we will take a look at the event now that it is opened to the public.

Max Factory also showed off their goodies in the event and are highlighted by the Thor and Iron Man Mk-VII figmas from the hit 2012 movie, The Avengers.

GS02 GS03 GS05 GS06

The Satellite booth meanwhile displayed several Macross Frontier, Bodacious Space Pirates (Mouretsu Pirates) and Nobunaga the Fool goodies from figures and PlaMo to artworks and other merchandise.

SE00 SE01 SE02 SE03 SE04 SE05

The Level 5 booth meanwhile was highlighted with a large model of Achilles as well as an LBX Doll’s Festival

SU10 SU11

Mazinger Z, Deadpool, Cyclops and the new Robocop were made into [email protected] thanks to Medicom who displayed them along with their RAH figures.


Kaiyodo showed off their Revoltech Yamaguchi and Takeya figures


while TK Holdings got their basketball gear on with their Slam Dunk figures as well as a figure of legendary Hong Kong movie icon, Bruce Lee.


Remember those scary Calne Ca figures of Miku? They were on display over at the Union Creative Booth where they surely turned a whole lot of heads.


Looks like the Fields Group has finally finished setting up. Their booth was highlighted with some “mini” Ultraman statues.

U2 U3 U4

The Prism Store was also part of the event and they sold plenty of awesome Pretty Rhythm merchandise

U7 U8 U9 also has a booth set up which promotes their various anime titles which includes Sword Art Online: Extra Edition and Madoka Magica.

U10 U11

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