New information on the upcoming Girls und Panzer: Master, Senshadou! tank battle game for the PS Vita has recently been released, including several parts of the story mode, the Real Time Zapping system and several of the tanks which will be featured in the game.


Let’s start off with the game’s battle system which incorporates what is called the Real Time Zapping System. This battle system allows you to freely switch point of views between your team’s tanks which so you can develop your own tactics as you would like. This battle system allows you to get a full scope of the battle field from multiple points of view so you can find out where your weak points are and devise tactics on how to defend them.

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Parts of the game’s story mode has also been revealed. As Oarai enters the Senshadou tournament, their opponents for the first round has been announced: Saunders.

004 005

Saunders uses the tank which was very instrumental in the Allied victory in World War II’s European Theater – The Sherman. They will be using three variations of this legendary American tank, namely the M4 Sherman, the M4A1 Sherman and the Sherman Firefly.

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New key visuals for the game’s limited edition “Rival Treasure Box” have also been released. The first image features Oarai’s lovable Angler Fish Team while the second key visual features their opponents.

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The game is scheduled for release on June 26, 2014 for the PS Vita. The standard edition will cost 6,640 yen while the limited edition Rival Box will cost 9,980 yen.

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