07th Expansion’s Higurashi: When They Cry visual novel and its various anime adaptations have a reputation for being violent and bloody as well as redefining the “Yandere” character type.


Recently, one very disturbing and bloody itasha has been seen in Japan and it truly reflects the bloody nature of the Higurashi series. Warning: if you are afraid of blood or could not stand such scenes, it would be wise to turn back now.

A customized Higurashi itasha has been recently spotted in Japan’s Fukui Prefecture. This Higurashi itasha is a blood-spattered tribute to the anime’s yandere heroines complete with the image of the heroine Rena Ryuuguu along with several  hacked-off limbs.

higurashi0228_main higurashi0228_2 higurashi0228_3 higurashi0228_5

Looks like this car really puts the Ita (means pain in Japanese) in the Itasha. Personally, I would really NOT want to ride this car. Many have described the car as scary and some have said that it really looks like a crime scene. Even police officers were astonished when they first saw the itasha though they quite understood what it was.

The owner has been identified as Shiren Amakusa (アマクサ・シレン) who tweeted these images via his twitter account Oz12012bornunde This itasha however would only be the second generation bloody Higurashi itasha as he has also posted several pictures of its former incarnation which was built back in 2009. It also featured yandere heroine Rena Ryuuguu along with a cut-off lower body, Rena holding Mion Sonozaki’s decapitated head, and blood… lots of it.

higurashi0228_6 higurashi0228_7 higurashi0228_10

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