Shimakaze is one of Kantai Collection‘s most well known characters as she has been featured in various merchandises from figures, figmas, nendoroids to even legos. Now, KanColle fans are beginning to do pilgrimages to the ship yard where her real-life World War II Destroyer counterpart was built.


The one-off Japanese Imperial Navy “super destroyer” known as Shimakaze was built at the Maizuru Naval Arsenal Shipyard in Kyoto Prefecture which now serves as a “Holy Land” to many Kantai Collection fans.

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The famous shipyard specialized in making destroyers like Shimakaze, Fubuki, Hatsuyuki and Hibiki. The shipyard has built so many ships which were featured in Kantai Collection that fans have started pouring in ever since the game was first launched in April 2013.

With the KanColle fanbase steadily increasing, the Maizuru Tourism Association has recently conducted a Kantai Collection event at the Maizuru Naval Arsenal Shipyard and it included a tour of the area as well as a doujinshi sale, a figure display and a taste of some local gourmet.

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The tourism association has also revealed that they are planning several other events such as several tours around the shipyard this July 2014. There are also plans to further develop the area in collaboration with the upcoming Kantai Collection anime adaptation and the hit online browser game.

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