When the 20 nominees for the final round of the Tokyo Anime Award Festival‘s Fan Award were announced, idol anime series Love Live! came in with a huge advantage by topping the preliminary round of voting by a huge margin.

However, the rug was pulled under the popular school idols by the third season of children’s anime, Little Battlers Experience known as Danball Senki Wars as it takes the fan vote with a come-from-behind victory.


Danball Senki Wars took a total of 25,649 votes to win, topping second place Love Live!’s 22,457 votes. This would count as a huge upset as Love Live! was one of 2013’s most talked about anime series and is also a clear fan favorite as the series has gained fans from all over the globe.


Here are the full results of how the voting went:

1)Danball Senki Wars: 25,649 votes

2)Love Live!: School Idol Project: 22,457 votes

3) Senyu: 13,241 votes

4) K: 12,635 votes

5) Psycho-Pass: 11,095 votes

6) Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya: 10,659 votes

7) Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke: 8,550 votes

8) Valvrave the Liberator: 8,289 votes

9) Monsuno: 6,663 votes

10) Danball Senki W (Little Battlers Experience season 2): 6,257 votes

11) Fantasista Doll: 6,045 votes

12) Blue Exorcist the Movie: 4,644 votes

13) Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono: 4,388 votes

14) Busou Shinki: 3,952 votes

15) Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live: 3,778 votes

16) Yuyushiki: 3,289 votes

17) Majestic Prince: 3,104 votes

18) Girls und Panzer: 2,945 votes

19) Free!: 2,547 votes

20) Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story: 2,177 votes

By winning against such big names like Gintama, Girls und Panzer, Free!, Madoka Magica and Majestic Prince, Danball Senki Wars has truly won via upset.


Meanwhile, favorites Attack on Titan and The Wind Rises may not have even gotten into the top 10, but they have won the night’s biggest prize, The Anime of the Year. The Tokyo Anime Award Festival also has another unlikely winner in the person of Evangelion director Hideaki Anno as he wins the Voice Actor Award.

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Source: Anime Festival official Website


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