The city of Sendai has recently gained a lot of attention thanks to the idol anime, Wake Up Girls! which has featured the Japanese city in all its glory.


And just like other anime hot spots like Oarai (Girls und Panzer), Washinomiya (Lucky Star), Chichibu (AnoHana), Iwami (Free!) and most recently, Maizuru (birthplace of Kantai Collection’s Shimakaze), Sendai has recently been experiencing an influx of anime tourists.

Now, a new Wake Up Girls! pilgrimage guide has recently been made and it features the places which were featured in the anime from Green Leaf’s office to the outdoor stage where they made their first-ever live performance. The guide mentions each place in detail and placed numbers to where they can be found. For a larger resolution of the image, just right click the image and select “open link in new tab”.


Sendai ain’t the only ones with official anime pilgrimage guides. Chiba Prefecture also has one and it features the areas where series like OreImo, WataMote, Oregairu, Ro Kyu Bu!!, Kiniro Mosaic, Rinne no Lagrange and others took place.


Saitama also has its own anime pilgrimage guide and it features areas which have been featured in Lucky Star, AnoHana, Ai Yori Aoshi, Initial D, Crayon Shin-chan, Big Wind-up and more.


Kanagawa meanwhile features locations featured in hit anime series Slam Dunk and Neon Genesis Evangelion.


There is also an Anime Pilgrimage Guidebook which has been written and it takes you to the many anime hot spots all over Japan.

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