Madoka Magica‘s resident tea-lover, Mami Tomoe, is known for having a very big sweet tooth and traditional Japanese confection makers Shogoin Yatsuhashi is giving the magical girl her very own sweet treats.

Yatsuhashi are traditional Japanese sweets and are known to originate from Kyoto. These sweet treats have been around since the late 1600’s and are still enjoyed today.

With spring almost upon us, Shogoin Yatsuhashi will be releasing these sakura-flavored Shunka (Mami ver.). They will be sold in their shops in Kyoto by the end of April 2014. They will also be accepting pre-orders for these unique Japanese desserts in their Anime Japan 2014 booth on March 22, 2014.


They will also be selling the Baked Chocolate Iyokan (Mami Ver,) during Anime Japan 2014. These Mami-themed sweets in their Kyoto shops as well as the Kyoto International Manga Museum, and several selected Animate branches which include Kyoto and Akihabara.Each box contains 10 sweets and will cost 700 yen.


Well, that’s certainly one dessert we can lose our heads over. There is also a Madoka Magica-themed taiyaki over at Makuhari which allows you to bite Mami’s head off.

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