At a JA Branch in Hyougo prefecture, you will find a 2 meter MSZ-oo6 Zeta Gundam on display. That Zeta Gundam, which served as the main mecha for Yoshiyuki Tomino’s classic anime, Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta, was personally handcrafted and painted by 66-year old Kenichi Okada.


The grandfather from Kakogawa, Hyougo said that he handcrafted this Zeta Gundam out of imported timber and a few other lightweight processing materials. He also said that he used a water-based paint to give his wooden Zeta a PlaMo appeal.

Measuring approximately 2m in height and weighing in at about 40kg, this Zeta Gundam really looks like a real GunPla with a few details and decals added.


Okada said that it took eight months to build this wooden Gundam. He also said that the reason he made this was to impress his grandchildren, however, his grandchildren showed no interest in his work.

His grand-kids may not have been very interested, but a lot of Gundam fans surely are! It is currently on display at the JA Hyogo branch office lobby where it has attracted a lot of attention lately. Okada on the other hand said that he is pleased that his work has pleased a lot of people.

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Source: Yahoo! News Japan



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