Kaiyodo is releasing yet another Revoltech version of Metal Gear Rising‘s deadly protagonist, Raiden, and this time, he will be wearing his white armor as featured in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


Sculpted by Kaiyodo’s highly acclaimed sculptor, Katsuhisa Yamaguchi, this figure is fully articulated with 20 points of articulation and it measures in at approximately 145mm in height. Raiden comes fully armed with a whole arsenal of weaponry and accessories which include the Electromagnetic rail scabbard, a High-frequency blade, a knife, two eyball replacemnet jigs, an eyeball pick and a watermelon.

FIGURE-005038_01 FIGURE-005038_02 FIGURE-005038_03 FIGURE-005038_04 FIGURE-005038_05 FIGURE-005038_06 FIGURE-005038_07

Revoltech Yamaguchi Raiden is scheduled for release mid June 2014 and is now available for reservations via Amiami for a pre-order price of 3,580 yen.

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