Ever wonder who would win a fight between Accel World‘s Black King, Kuroyukihime and Sword Art Online‘s Black Swordsman Kirito? How about a fight between A Certain Series‘ Mikoto and Shakugan no Shana‘s Shana? All those questions may finally be answered starting today, March 18, 2014 as Sega 2D fighting game, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax finally hits arcades all over Japan.


To celebrate, the official Dengeki youtube account has released several game play videos of these dream matches which you can play in the game.

Electricity or fire? We take a look at Shana (With Wilhelmina) vs. Mikoto Misaka (with Touma)

ss a

Here’s a match-up between Shizuo Heiwajima (with Hina) and Asuna (with Leafa)

ss b

Shizuo (with Kino) vs. Shana (with Wilhelmina)

ss c

Here’s the dream fight between Shana (with Koko) and Asuna (with Wilhelmina)

ss d

OreImo’s Kirino (with Maou Sadao) takes on SAO’s Kirito (with Boogiepop) in this video

ss e

It’s black vs black as “The Black Swordsman” Kirito (with Leafa) fights “The Black King” Kuroyukihime (with Haruyuki/ Silver Crow)

ss f

Finally, we have “The Flash” Asuna (with Leafa) taking on grade school basketball ace Tomoka (with Touma)

ss g

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