Imagine going to bed at night, ready to sleep and Hatsune Miku is right there beside you? Thanks to the latest in Oculus Rift technology, that scene would be very much possible.

Developed by Tsukuba University’s Electronic Communications Department,  a new Oculus Rift application lets you go to bed with Miku by your side.


Once you have the HMD sensor set up to detect pitch and roll and you’ve already entered the Oculus Rift’s usage mode, a virtual character will appear in front of you (in this case, it’s Hatsune Miku Append by TDA).

Capture a

When you say “Good Night” to the characters, they will react to you by giving you a sweet good night smile. When your eyes meet with theirs, they will also laugh and smile and they will also give you various reactions if you talk to them.

Capture b

 While you sleep, they will also stand by you and react to your actions, now ain’t that just sweet?

Oculus Rift technology has made a lot of interactions with your favorite virtual characters possible. A great example would be the Miku Miku Akushu which is considered the closest thing to shaking hands with Hatsune Miku herself.

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Thanks so much to fellow SGCafe writer Zenko for the help


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