Tokyo’s world-famous shopping district, Shibuya has been abuzz yesterday, March 16, 2014, as several foreigners driving around in Go-Karts have been seen going around the area.


Several of these Go-kart racers have been seen cosplaying characters from Nintendo‘s wacky-yet-popular combat racing game Mario Kart which has been loved by people of all ages all around the world. The drivers include a variety of characters from Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad to even characters who did not appear in any of the Mario Kart games like Batman and Pikachu.

Several twitter users have posted images of these “racers” as they drove by. This image from Kira_773four shows the participants ready to rev up their engines.


This image is from Eight8_rseyluv


This image from IichikoP shows that the race has already begun! Be careful and watch out for them nasty flying Koopa shells.


This one is from Himari_kazu


Looks like these racers have been caught in one of the worst traps of them all, the legendary Tokyo traffic jam as shown by Mg_1221


Finally, here’s one from Yucoty


Looks like these Mario Kart racers surely had some fun. Hopefully, no bystanders were hurt from Bob-ombs, Koopa Shells, Boos and other items which were most likely thrown to throw off other racers.

The participants got their Go-Karts from Akiba_cart which rents out Go-Karts for use in Tokyo. The Akiba Kart facebook account also posted several images from the “race”.

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Sources: Esuteru and Akiba Kart facebook page


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