Gundam official website, has recently organized a Gundam-themed photography contest known as the Infinite Enjoyment Gundam Photo Contest (楽しみ方は無限大!ガンダムフォトコンテスト), and now the winners have recently been announced. The contest’s theme was “Enjoyment with Gundam” and surely enough, the winners certainly look like they are having a ton of fun.

That huge snowstorm which hit Japan back in February may have spawned a now-famous meme, but it has also become the reason for this image to be included in the roster of winners.


Titled “Bearguy in Snow” by emyusalut, this image was taken after the February snowstorm hit Japan. Looks like Bearguy III wants to “Build a Snowman”, now cue the Frozen music.

The “Beargguy III fluffy pink stuffed bear with cookies” photo by Moto Gumi certainly plays with Bearguy III’s teddy bear-like looks.


The “Birthday Cake” by Kenpo features the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam and it certainly looks like it will be enjoyed by everyone, especially if they have a sweet tooth.


The Gundam Build Fighters anime certainly promotes creativity among GunPla enthusiasts and this next winner shows exactly that with his winning piece, “Gundam Build Fighters: Build Strike VS. Wing Gundam Fenice” by t-hoso.


The image shows a kindergarten student cosplaying as Sei Iori enjoying a GunPla battle. It certainly looks like the ones featured in the anime.

These Birthday Cookies by Minatsuko feature the old Earth Federation uniforms and present yet another sweet way to enjoy Gundam.


Finally, Bonyama’s “Digital Diorama” features a 1/144 scale HGUC Gyan as its model but this one looks fiercer and a whole lot more dangerous than usual.


68 photos were considered but only these six have truly won. The prizes for the winners include Char Aznable’s customized PIXUS MG7130 printer from Canon and HGBF GunPla kits from Bandai.

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