Wargaming.net has announced the second character voice pack for their hit free-to-play tank MMO game, World of Tanks, and it features the voice of Girls und Panzer‘s  Angler Fish team loader Yukari Akiyama whose voice actress is Ikumi Nakagami (Io Misuzawa from White Album 2). This is part of the ongoing collaboration between the game and the anime series

Japanese players will be enjoying some great insights which will be given to them by a well-known “tank-nut” who will also be cheering them on as they play. Now, Panzer Vor!


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The voice pack will be released by the World of Tanks Asia official website soon. This will be the second World of Tanks meets Girls Und Panzer collaboration voice pack following the one featuring main character Miho Nishizumi

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Source: Dengeki Online



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