With the launch of their 20th anniversary issue tomorrow, April 26, 2014, manga magazine Dengeki Daioh is giving manga fans a special treat as 34 of their best manga artists have joined in on the celebrations by presenting some of their signature artworks as part of a big thank you campaign by the magazine for 20 years of success.


The magazines which will be released from April 26-July 26, 2014 will feature a chance for fans to win rare prizes which range from original autographed artworks signed by one of the 34 manga artists to special book cards which feature artworks from the manga magazine’s various series like Amari Mawari, Yotsuba &, and The Irregular at Magic High School. The special 20th Anniversary issue (May 2014 issue) can now be purchased online via Amazon.jp for 740 yen and it will be released tomorrow, April 26, 2014.

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Of course, the most highly prized of these prizes are the autographed artwork done by 34 of Dengeki Daioh’s best manga artists which include The Irregular At Magic High School’s Waki Ikawa, Strike The Blood’s Tate and Yotsuba&!’s Kiyohiko Azuma.

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There are some pretty big names in the list huh? Sadly, only 34 people get to win them, with only one person getting each unique autographed artwork so that would make one very valuable. Here are all 34 artworks that readers may win:


To get these artworks, readers must accumulate points. The artworks are the A prize while the book cards are the B prize.

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Source: Dengeki Online


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