On April 7, 2014, Yoshiyuki Tomino created a revolution which will take the world by storm for the next 35 years. Now, exactly 25 years after the classic mecha series, Mobile Suit Gundam first aired, fans have taken to twitter to post their celebrations. Hashtagged #ガンダムの日, which literally means “Gundam Day”, fans showed their love for the ground breaking mecha classic.

Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam AGE animator Masami Obari tweeted this sketch of the classic “White Devil” itself, the RX-78-2 Gundam. He also tweeted an image of the Crossbone Gundam maoh from Gundam Build Fighters.

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Turn A Gundam character designer Akira Yasuda meanwhile posted this image of Amuro Ray and the Gundam.


Even though he was a bit late, Gundam AGE, Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam UC Key Animation designer Junichi Hayama meanwhile tweeted his own RX-78-2 artwork


Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam DVD cover illustrator and Gundam Build Fighters animator Tsukasa Kotobuki also celebrated 35 years of Gundam with an artwork


These artworks are from ukatujyu


And since this is Gundam we are talking about, Here are some GunPla tweets which celebrate Gundam’s 35th anniversary. This one is from GBF and Gundam AGE animator, Munetaka Abe


This one is from KBTblodia


This one is from GunPla modeller Ewaczone


There are also some who tweeted somethrowback images. Here’s one from Sousai_h who posted this Snow Festival image from 1981


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